Who we are

An accredited company of payroll experts dedicated to providing best advice and guidance on the most convenient and flexible solutions available at the most competitive price for small businesses just like yours throughout the UK.

We do all of this with good old fashioned, plain speaking honesty and outstanding customer service regardless of the size of your business.

All of the team here at your payroll bureau have worked in this industry for many years and as a result have seen and been through all of the changes that affect Company Payroll.  Having worked for smaller and larger companies previously the team are well placed to have learnt from both the successes and mistakes made by other companies and are therefore able to understand exactly what matters to you and therefore us too.

Ultimately, we believe that giving you the benefit of our expertise, complete flexibility and access to outstanding service across our range of solutions are the key elements needed to provide a service that ticks all of your boxes.

We are committed to a long term plan of being ‘the company of choice’ by providing a complete suite of services that go above and beyond expectations from the very first time you start using us!

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